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Next Level Superfood

Optimi is a functional mushroom supplement that is transforming the industry with formulations made from the highest possible quality fruiting body mushrooms.

  • Science-backed supplements that are clean, powerful and effective.
  • The best mushrooms sourced from industry-leading partners.
  • We prioritize fruiting-body mushrooms to maximize active compounds.
  • Products that optimize your health and increase performance: body and mind.

We are on the cusp of a shroom boom

Meet the Mushrooms

Optimi formulations champion a variety of mushroom types, with each mushroom delivering a unique benefit to meet your need. Explore what every fungi has to offer.

The Whole Thing

Every Optimi product contains nutrient-dense fungi, extracted from the whole fruiting body. That means super-charged benefits for your body and mind, providing you with what you need to give it your all.

why optimi?

The future of mushrooms is here, and we’ve only just scratched the surface.

Every day new discoveries continue to show the added benefits that these powerful little fungi can provide, helping to optimize whole body and mind.

Breaking it down

Mushrooms are complex in nature and difficult to cultivate at scale. The process of extracting potent, active compounds from mushrooms is intricate. Optimi works exclusively with premium suppliers to ensure the highest quality ingredients are used in every product.

The fruiting body

Optimi ingredients are sourced from the mushroom's fruiting body (see Fig. A). These fruiting bodies contain the greatest concentration of active compounds that deliver the amazing benefits of mushrooms. It’s the fruiting body that’s studied and utilized for health, wellness and medicine throughout the world.

Mushroom processing

Each mushroom goes through an 8-hour and 8-step hot water process to breakdown antinutrients, making it easier for your body to get the good stuff. During this process, nothing from the original mushroom is lost or discarded. It just optimizes the fruiting body material to ensure proper digestion and absorption of these beneficial active compounds.

What about beta-glucans?

Beta-glucans are the nutritional and medicinal compounds responsible for the immunological activity of mushrooms, which make up the physical structure of the mushroom fruiting body and are found in the cell walls of all fungi. Every Optimi mushroom strain is tested for beta-glucans to ensure Optimi supplements deliver a high-quality, potent, and effective product. That’s the long way of saying you’re only getting the best. Note: Not all suppliers offer raw materials beta-glucan testing.

Whole magic

We believe that powerful benefits can be found in every single mushroom strain, even the trippy ones. Although Optimi can’t legally produce and sell psilocybin-based products (yet...), we are studying the use and effects of psilocybin through our parent company Optimi Health Corp. We hope to one day deliver a suite of psilocybin-based products that help to further optimize whole health.

Super-charged benefits