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Tis’ The Season For Giving

We all approach the holidays differently.  Some of you will have pumpkins rotting on your balcony when your neighbour has long since finished their Clark Griswold tribute; conversely, some of you are that annoying friend, posting on social media about how you’ve finished Christmas shopping before Starbucks has even released their Gingerbread Latte.

That said, no matter your perspective on how early is too early to argue about if Die Hard is a Christmas movie, which it is, (editor's note, no it isn't ), the one commonality we likely share is how the act of gift giving comprises a meaningful aspect of our holiday traditions.

Of course, it is not uncommon for life to intrude on our best intentions, and this can turn holiday shopping into something of a nuisance, resulting in gifts that are impersonal rather than memorable. 

So with plenty of time to spare, let us present you with a few holiday gift ideas for those unique people in your life.
For The Active

For those friends with a fitness oriented lifestyle, these gift ideas can be purchased individually or combined with other items on the list as you create your own, customized gift basket.

And, while a gym membership or an exercise bike may seem like a good idea, you don’t need to go that far back to find why a well-intentioned gift may send the wrong message. Instead, why not choose one of these books to inspire adventure?
Buying for an active niece or nephew or looking to provide your own child with alternatives to climbing on the couches and leaping off your dining room table? Have a look at some of the best indoor toys for kids on the go.
Finally, while some adults may smirk at ‘gift coupons’ that don’t come from children, coupons to be redeemed for a hike or a walk around the neighborhood are actually great; they contribute to a healthy lifestyle while ensuring you and your friend can spend some quality time together.
For The Beer Connoisseur
While some friends are happy with anything others prefer to try certain things and, luckily, there are convenient options for wonderful gifts.
The craft beer industry is booming and there are no shortage of options for the beer enthusiast. Unfortunately, many seemingly convenient, online options for ‘Beer Of The Month’ type clubs are poorly reviewed and not very cost effective.
Instead, check your local area to see if they have a directory for craft breweries. For example, both Canada and the United States have their own digital maps covering most every craft brewer in their respective countries.  If you’re in Europe, major cities like London typically have their own beer maps as well.
During the holidays, these breweries (and wineries and distilleries, for that matter) will have their own curated gift baskets, allowing you to find an ideal gift right from the source.
For The Charitable
An equally good gift for the both person who has everything or the person who says they don’t want anything, a charitable donation is a present everyone can feel good about. 
Check to see if where you live has a database similar to Canada Helps that will both assist with the choosing of a charity and notifying the recipient of the donation in their name.
Because not all charities are created equal, a site like Charity Intelligence Canada can also be of great use, providing meaningful data in categories like ‘demonstrated impact’ while tracking how many cents per dollar go directly to the cause as opposed to administrative costs and other expenses.
For Those Who Can’t Live Without Cocoa and Coffee
As with craft beer, when purchasing a gift for that chocolate or coffee lover, it is best to buy direct. Industry stalwarts like Lindt and Purdys have made gift buying easy via their online and retail shops but, if you’re still unsure, a list of the best chocolate brands is a great place to start.
Feeling ambitious? For a more personal touch, consider making your own chocolate and adding customized gift wrap.
In much the same way everyone of a certain age had their favourite member of the Spice Girls, coffee preferences can be unique. Still, you can’t go wrong packaging together a few popular brands as the centerpiece of a gift.
It’s worth noting, if you end up debating between pods or ground coffee just know the environmental impacts of one versus the other are complicated, and your best just going with the preferred brand of whoever you’re buying for.
Finally, if your shopping for a foodie whose tastes go beyond coffee and chocolate, The Food Network has done the legwork for you in sourcing out the most unique, delicious gift baskets. Guy Fieri sold separately.
From Us
With January being a popular opportunity for self-reinvention and reflection, many people are looking to embrace health solutions supporting the whole body and mind. As a nutrient-dense superfood, mushrooms have been proven to offer wide-ranging benefits in categories such as immune support and athletic performance.
At Optimi, we’ve made these solutions accessible with our holiday gift sets.
To achieve whole body benefits, you’ll want the whole thing which includes the entire starting line-up of Optimi single strain supplements, as well as our Optimi Formulation and Vanilla Plant Protein + Mushrooms; as a bonus, each set also comes with a shaker cup and an Optimi branded tote bag and hat.
Looking to start smaller? You can also build your own gift set – just pick any two capsules or pick a 640g protein + any capsule for a bespoke gift for someone special in your life.
If you’re wondering which formulation would best suit your needs, an overview of the researched benefits of functional mushrooms are linked here; but, if you’re someone who is already scrambling to meet holiday deadlines, we’ve included a quick guide to the best seasonal applications for each variety:
Benefits: Reduce Fatigue & Improve Performance
Ideal For: Last minute shopping and rock star parenting after your kids are up at 5am Christmas morning.
Lion’s Mane
Benefits: Brain Boost & Cognitive Functioning
Ideal For: Negotiating your holiday bonus, or outsmarting your clever kids when hiding gifts the week before Christmas.
Benefits: Age Fighting & Anti-Inflammation
Ideal For: Minimizing the after-effects of the Boxing Day hike you agreed to after one too many Rum & Eggnogs on Christmas Day.
Benefits: Resistance To Stress & Mood Boosting
Ideal For: Dealing with the distant cousin who exclusively talks politics while offering passive aggressive critiques of your cooking.
Turkey Tail
Benefits: Immune Support
Ideal For: Staying healthy following the hugs, handshakes, and mistletoe of holiday get-togethers.
From all of us at Optimi, Happy Holidays!