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Everything You Need to Know About Naturally Boosting Immunity

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A Chart detailing our process
A Chart detailing our process

Editorial Director Lisa Petty, PhD has curated a collection of research-supported strategies to help you amp up your immunity. In this issue:

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Paradox of the Immune System

Learn how the immune system protects us from cold and flu viruses, and how it lets us know when it needs support. You’ll also discover research-supported strategies to amp up your immunity.

Women doing yoga

Immunity and the
Body-Mind Connection

Learn how emotions impact health (and vice versa).

Mushroom powder and dried mushrooms

Unlocking The Power of
Functional Mushrooms

Research is explaining what traditional healers have known for centuries: Mushrooms just might be the thing that keeps the doctor away. Learn how a variety of functional mushrooms can support your immune system health.

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Meet Dr. Lisa Petty

Optimi’s line of functional mushrooms is designed to help you optimize your lifestyle with high quality, natural, plant-based products.

Editorial Director Lisa Petty, PhD combines her nutrition expertise with a research doctorate in applied health sciences to bring you information about health and well-being you won’t find anywhere else.